Saturday, July 19, 2014

8 is GREAT!

Eight is such an awesome age.

This girl is funny, cheeky, full of energy, loves everyone.

Starts each day off at school giving crazy tight hugs to half her class and lifting them ground.
I usually have to tell her to retreat 'cause her friends might not be able to breathe.
We once had a family discussion about people's personal space and said that everyone has a bubble around them and you have to respect that distance. She looked at us like 'what chu talkin' bout'
~ personal space was an unheard of phenomena to her.

Class clown, entertainer, often has a twinkle in her eye.

Since she had her birthday party {Part 1} before the school holidays her birthday was super low key.

Playing with friends in the park for the day and a trip to grandma's to pick up her baptism dress.

But that's ok because most of our traditions start early in the morning.


She got to try her finished Baptism dress on for the first time on her birthday.
She got to design her dress.
My kids are so lucky to have such a talented Grandma.
Miss G's requirements were a long A line with a massive bow at the back.
It was all about the bow.
Grandma delivered!

And that was part 2 of the longest birthday ever.
Part 3 ~ Baptism coming soon!

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