Sunday, July 13, 2014

FHE Lesson {Compass for life}

This lesson based on:  Guided by love June 2014 Friend Magazine

Opening Song: Jesus said Love Everyone #61

Opening Prayer: Child

Show a compass
If you don't have a physical compass use the default one on your iphone or show a picture of one

What does a compass do?
{Can tell you where North is, then an individual can work out other directions, can use it to find your way without a map}

When asked to name the greatest commandment, the Saviour said “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,” “This is the first and great commandment” (Matthew 22:37, 38). Along with the second great commandment—to love our neighbour as ourselves—we have a spiritual compass that provides direction for our lives.
Because love is the great commandment, it ought to be at the center of everything we do. Love unites families. Love is the power that initiates friendship, tolerance, and respect. It overcomes hate. Love is the fire that warms our lives with joy. Love should be our walk and our talk.
Love God and our Neighbour should be our compass. They will lead us in the right direction.
Show this compass / or draw it, from the June 2014 Friend Magazine
Guided by Love
Long ago, explorers used compasses to find their way to faraway places. President Uchtdorf said that the two great commandments can be like a compass that guides us back to Heavenly Father.
If you’re not sure about a choice, ask yourself two questions:
Does it show love for Heavenly Father?
Does it show love for others?
If the answers are yes, then you’re choosing the right!
Play with the compass. practice finding north.
Find other directions.
Closing Song: Where Love Is #138
Closing Prayer: Prayer

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