Saturday, February 7, 2015

Easy Bubble Ink Valentines

I was at a party once commenting on someone's food was they bought along.

Where did you get that idea I stated

They looked at me like... ummm your blog...

Oh really, can't remember that one!! Ha!

Something similar happened this week I was perusing my backlog's on valentines and came across this from 2009 - Can't remember ever doing that and I thought - what a good idea.

The kids were into it so we did it again. This is a VERY EASY craft. We don't have many art supplies so I love easy and CHEAP art ideas. This idea was basically FREE.

Place some pink or red food colouring, drop of detergent and a little water in a cup.
Using a straw blow bubbles.

Place paper on top of the bubbles. {the bubbles with burst quickly}
Blow more bubbles and repeat. {get the kids to do it}
You'll probably have to do it 10 times to fill a piece of A4 paper.

The result is so pretty and delicate. Almost like marbling.

Use hearts to write individual statements about what you love about the people you love and place in a jar or around the house. We will use some for Family Home Evening Lesson.
I love to sew paper, sew hearts together for garlands and hang over door ways
Make cards for those you love.

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