Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heart Mobile

Saw this pin a friend pinned and immediately made it.

What's happened to me? I swear holidays bring it out in me.

It's been over two months since we/I have done any sort of craft.

I made it in about an hour and felt so happy.

The neighbour girl loved it too, maybe I'll make her one.

Wish I had better photography skills (or a camera) I promise its much cuter in real life.

How to make a stuffed heart mobile

Take 15  scraps of fabric
Cut a heart shape out of cardboard {I always use old cereal boxes}
Trace around heart on fabric making 2 hearts from each design
Cut out heart shape and place the two hearts together - RIGHT sides OUT

Sew around heart.
Do not sew all the way around!
Stop. Leave a little gap to  put stuffing in.
Push stuffing in and continue sewing.
Sew heart shut.

Place hearts in desired order.
5 hearts in 3 rows

Using White embroidery floss {I used crotchet string}
Tie a knot and sew through heart from bottom to top.
Place a knot at the end and top of each heart to prevent them slipping.
Continue adding heart till you have 5 hearts on the string
Repeat 3 times.
Tie strings to a branch.
Attach string to both ends of branch
I used a mini 3M hook to hang my branch on the wall
Valentines Décor in my dining room.
Then perhaps off to the girls room.

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