Friday, July 31, 2015

Rainbow / Colour Party

With a 9 and 6 year old - its been easy to recycle and turn upsidedown decorations ;)
Miss N asked for rainbows and bright colours and a piñata and pass the parcel.
{after changing her mind on a lalaloopsy party .. phew!}

I love a good theme so fleshed it out a bit, to help me with games and craft ideas.

The big colourful birthday party details.


On arrival we had bubble blowing, drawing with chalk on concrete while waiting all guests to arrive

Rock Painting:

I purchased a 15kg bag of river rocks from Bunnings.
Everything else was left over from the Art Party

Hot dog Rock by Miss G
Love older kids who take charge of party activities.
Miss G gave everyone Rainbows, icecreams, cherries, suns. $6 Face Crayons from Riot.

Spray Bottle Painting:
The Kids LOVED this activity. It was hard for everyone to wait their turn as I only had 4 waterbottles for 15 kids. I filled a waterspray bottle with a big squirt of acrylic paint and half filled with water. I bought a cheap white double bed sheet and hung it over the fence for them to spray. It's so addictive to spray colour out! I wanted to not share too! Will do this activity again!


Our first store bought piñata. I didn't have time to make one. The week he was in our house Miss N fell in love with him and didn't want to break him at first. But that didn't last. There may have been screams of smash him smash him. Kids love piñata's in my experience. The anticipation is palatable.
I have to buy a replacement for a room decoration. We got used to the little fella :)


Balloon Stands:

A lovely friend lent me these concrete and pvc pipe stands. Very handy and versatile!
For balloon towers blow up balloons and tie together in bunches of four (tie two balloons together, then tie two pairs together - no string just the balloon ends) then you just push each bunch onto and around the pipe. Keep adding bunches until pipe is covered. Easy to dismantle. Every kid wanted to take balloons home, so each got a bunch.

Rainbow Cake:

I'm no baker so I have to steer my kids to easy made cakes when perusing the internets :) This was a quick easy cake made from one round cake - my favourite types! I love it when a cake works.
Pinterest Food ideas :

Wafers dipped in chocolate dipped in 100's and 1000's. Easy and colourful. We also served marshmallows with choc and an M&M on top. Potato Chips and Freddo frogs and nuggets.
Miss N's favourite food.

 And I let the Birthday Shirts Here out early to wear for her colourful birthday.
Yay! And all my parties are done for the year!
I can't believe I said no parties this year. Kids really do love it. A bit of a stress but worth it.  I only wish we could invited all our friends and family. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start having school friends, family, church friends multiple parties!! The past couple years my kids have had school friends/class by default but I've been so sad that we didn't have everyone else. Next Time!

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