Sunday, July 26, 2015

Traditions and Rituals for Families

Perhaps it's because I'm lazy.

{True Story.}

Or maybe there really is something to be said for Family Traditions and Rituals.


I've found I'm much more motivated when there is a reason or tradition.

Because you can't mess with tradition.

Lately I've lost my zest for most things {what!? you can tell!? I'm never here}

I never update this blog, or do anything worth blogging

Between work, Relief Society President, hours of kids homework I just don't have desire.

This week I had another realisation about traditions. For years now I've been wanting to celebrate Christmas in July. Just because. It's silly and no reason, but why not? Of course we had about 5 things to do on the 25 of July so I thought it won't happen.. AGAIN. Anyway I woke up Friday the 24th and thought just do it. Just do it tonight anyway with whatever you've got.

And you know what? There was a pep in my step. I lovingly decorated that table with whatever Christmas decorations weren't up in the roof. We hung a star light. I made a roast dinner with trimmings and dessert. We played Christmas music. A child played Christmas songs on the  piano.

I put in effort.

Lately I'm not in the mood for cooking, or preparing or crafting or doing much at all.

The thought entered my mind that I really like traditions. And reasons.

Having a timeline, an expected due date, a deadline. Without, I do nothing.

As an adult with not many {important} deadlines I think family life can really slip by.

When was our last proper fancy homemade dinner? {Easter?}
When was our last extended family get together {Easter?}
When was the last time we celebrated something {Miss G's Birthday}
What was the last thing we created together?
When was the last time we ALL sat and talked together? {Family Home Evening}
When was the last time we went on a random spontaneous outing?{School Holidays}
When was the last time we put thought and love into decorating? {Christmas in July}
When was the last time we watched the Sunrise?{Last Year}
When was the last time we watched the Sunset? {Winter Solstice}
When was my last date with the MR? {our birthdays 7 months ago?}
When was the last time we celebrated anything?

I've realised most of these things happen for our family around traditions and holidays.

Now not all traditions are good. Some traditions bring stress and hard work. It HAS to be this way because .... Just BECAUSE... it's tradition. Now I'm all for only doing what works and getting rid of stuff that doesn't. But maybe, just maybe I need that tiny bit of stress.
That tiny bit of EXPECTATION....

I really feel that tiny bit of expectation is important for me.

Life has been a little overwhelming, a bit busy, a bit in the doldrums, a bit repetitive - which will always make one lose desire {who isn't over cooking, cleaning, washing, homework?}

But give me a reason, a tradition, a ritual.

And it makes it a little easier for me to have a fulfilling life.

Might be time for me to add some more traditions to our life.

What are your favourite family Traditions?

Simple Family traditions that we use

Attending Church weekly
Monday Night Family Night
Friday/Saturday Movie Night
Watching the Sunrise once a year {used to be on Queen's Birthday or Easter}
Celebrating Birthdays with as many large candles as your age, birthday letter and crown, choosing your own breakfast and sticking candles in it
Birthday Shirts
Celebrating Winter Solstice with a fire and watching sunset
Photographing the Eating of the first mangoes of the season
Back to School Dinner
Easter Monday at the Dam
Visiting the place we got engaged each year and having a picnic with the kids
Going to the Ekka
Making Advent Calendars
Measuring Day {the same day each month we measure the girls and make a excel spreadsheet}
Its measuring day, its measuring day can be heard sung out on those days by the girls
Climbing on the Roof with Daddy
Grandparents Christmas Dinner
Sewing Christmas pillowcases and a million other Christmas Traditions

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