Thursday, June 29, 2017

24 Hrs in Byron Bay

I was annoyed that we hadn't been on holiday in over a year.
Nowhere on the Easter Holidays, nowhere on Christmas, nowhere in September Spring holiday...
The Mr was away for work so I took a quick solo holiday with the girls.
I have never done this before so I was actually anxious! Can you believe it? Gah.

We arrived around 3pm Monday and left just after 3pm Tuesday. All up it was only 24 hrs!
But we achieved alot in 24 hrs. Byron Bay is the perfect spot for that.

We stayed at Discovery Parks Byron Bay . Mainly because it was cheap and slept 6. Got a cabin.
The girls loved it (kids don't often need fancy. Its lovely that they think anything is awesome ha.)
They were a bit devastated that we were only doing a short stay and it was a bit too cold to utilise the 2 pools and splash pad. They did dip their toes in. The jumping pillow did get a bit of a work out though. Town was only a short drive. Park had some old parts, but some lovely new bits. Reasonable.

We jumped on the jumping pillow, put our bags in unpacked and jumped in the car to beat the sun so we could watch the sunset while up at the lighthouse. Byron Roads are a bit small so traffic is always interesting. We got a park in the second carpark on the way down luckily. Then ran up that hill. We saw so many Whales splashes! The girls didn't believe me at first when I said look a whale! Wish we had binoculars but we sat and watched whale splashes for quite some time. So fun to think that just a little ways away are a bunch of whales having a grand old time.

^Next to our restaurant for dinner. Fun.

Next day we woke and headed off to macadamia castle for pancakes for breakfast. Yum.
Then the scenic route up to Minyon Falls. Road had some potholes and dirt for the last few km but we made it! I'm always surprised to see buses at these types of places. I feel scared enough in a car let alone a bus going up tiny roads. Minyon falls is about a 100 m drop. If we had time I would have loved to walk to the bottom. Next time!

^sneaky photo bomber fingers

The night before we went to main beach in the dark after our dinner. I promised we would go back to the beach. I wanted to try another one (insert sads from the kid who wanted to go back to the beach playground.) I missed the first turn off to the other beach and we ended up 6km out of town at Broken Head. Turned out to be awesome as we had the beach to ourselves except for some surfers floating on boards out to sea. score! Two of the girls got into the water. Winter or not nothing was stopping them.

 ^^ Panorama - Byron Lighthouse headland this end. Broken Head the other end.
 ^^ Heart rock. Byron beaches are just sand - clear of most debris. Lucky to find this one.
Towelled off, stopped by the Farm and headed back home via Ikea (of course!)
And that was our 24 hours in Byron Bay.

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