Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Winter Solstice 2017

I have been feeling very out of sorts lately. 
I am a spontaneous person who is up for anything but lately I feel we are missing out on everything.

Especially in regards to the children, family time, taking time, holidays, hikes, long car rides.
I so feel like our schedule runs our life, not us running our life. And there is a disconnect.
Don't know what it is about holidays, traditions etc but I find it puts a light under me.
We've done solstice for a few years now, and just a few days ago I realised its here again! 

Put this together this morning and it was really nice to have candlelit dinner with the kids, talk about seasons, write intentions and burn them in the fire, have kids build fire and take charge and spend some time together away from computers.

 ^^ A badly drawn Queenslander in our snow globe:) Love Winter Here.

^^ Easy to see both Sunrise and Sunset on the shortest days of the year

 ^^Early sunset 4:50pm

^^ Cause we love candles. Been a while actually

 ^^ Mac and Cheese. It's gotta be hearty on Solstice :)

^^ I'm pretty fail at fires. Our kindling died out too quick. Bless firestarters to stop sadfaces.

^^ Mega American Marshmallows kept us going for ages. One is enough!

 ^^ Writing things we want to let go of, and then positive things we want to bring into our lives

 ^^ A burning intention

So technically solstice is at 1pm on the 21st June. We were 20 hrs early. But our only free night.
The long nights last all week, so all forgiven right ;)
Now if there was only no schedule and lots of time to enjoy long dark nights.

Welcome Winter. Funny thing is - it wasn't very cold tonight :)

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