Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ssssweet Ssssixteen

It's been a while since I've done a themed birthday party.

This one all started with a chameleon top from H&M.
It's so hard to buy the miss things and I thought she likes reptiles, she might like this shirt.

Then I thought hmmm maybe we should do one of those reptile parties for her 16th

To which she replied a resounding yes!

So with a weeks notice we put together a Ssssweet Ssssixteen reptile party.

Our host from a True Blue Reptiles was great. Short Notice and everything.
A wonderful woman who engaged the teens so well.
She asked questions about them and taught them a few things. I was impressed.

When I mentioned a reptile party people told me these parties are only for small children
(I even had several people mock me?! That it was a baby idea for a 16th. Really I was shocked)
 However it turned out so great. I was so happy.
The teens were interested, discussion flowed and everyone enjoyed themselves.
It was easy as work for me! bonus! I literally just had to take photos.

We had a water dragon, water python, blue tongue lizard, turtle, another python.
I requested the baby crocodile but it was on its registered day off!!

^^ See my nervous face up there. I'm not deathly frightened but I've had chances before to touch a snake and the entire idea freaked me out big time. I do not like snakes in the least. However I was glad that the host made it so easy and so comfortable even though I thought I would give it all a wide berth and just be serving food, I soon was giving it a go too. Completely surprised me. I don't think I ever need to do it again but the lovely snake felt like the softest leather. I am so glad I held a snake. I would really recommend a party to anyone esp if you have a small fear. I felt pumped ha.

The little sisters pretty much thought it was their party too.

Fun, entertaining and educational. And maybe a dose of healthy fear :)
Thanks True Blue Reptiles

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BindiM said...

Love this!! Such a fun idea and my 14 year old would gladly have the same. xo

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