Tuesday, June 30, 2009

12 748 and counting - whats a few 1000 more?

That's about the number of baby names I have read through :)

One night I read until my eyes were blurry and I actually fell asleep (around letter G), but I was still thinking of names, so I thought I was still awake?? Well this baby wont be able to complain that I wasn't THOROUGH!!

Here I am all thoughtful like ;)

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I have been online to Babynames.com, babynamesworld.com, uniquebabynames.org and I have 2 baby names books from the library

but alas so far not much is happening :( Why are there so many UGLY names out there!! and I have to sift through them

Most names on the last list have been scrapped for various reasons

I don't like it, he doesn't like it, I find it hard to use a name if someone else I know has that name (I definately have issues - like that is their identity), it doesnt suit our last name, too hard to prounouce, and of course "all the so and so(insert name here) named people I have met are crazy/trashy/weird etc".

Then there is the it must have a nice meaning behind the name. All the meanings of my girls names are very beautiful/nice. I read name meanings, it's important to me - Sorry but if Kamryn means 'crooked nose' I just can't do it... Portia? no sorry not if it means 'pig', Cecilia - blind, Brenda - fiery, Linda - serpent, Thera - wild, untamed one, Trista - melancholy (no offence intended to people with those names)

so I gave up and decided to focus on Middle names :)

Easy, as we have decided they will all have fairly regular middle names that come from Family History. Now I also have a rule on that too.. the girls arent named after any particular great grandmother or anything, because if you go back too far how am I to know that great great aunt so and so wasn't a crazy fruit cake??? and that I named my child after her!!

So in great wisdom we scour the family history records and looked for names we liked that appear more than once. Lucky for us on both sides is English ancestory so we have plenty of Elizabeth's, Sarah's, Anne's etc. Now if there happens to be atleast 10 or more Elizabeths atleast some of them had to have been lovely enough for my child to bear their name??? No?

So this baby will be an :


Oh but that is a new set of problems when the middle name doesnt match the first!! LOL Cant have Celeste Sarah - what if the kid has a lisp?? or an Elliana Eliza.. so the debates continue... and I am keeping secret on the so far winning middle name that the MR and I have decided upon.. you'll have to wait :)

Here is a new list of first names if anyone happens to be interested in my internal debate that I have about a month left to sort out :)

Amani (The MR says too pretentious cause of the brand)


Esther (pretty much scrapped, but I'll leave it for now)

Jemila (oh the nickname possiblities!! and it means beautiful)

Kenzie (Perfect my name and the MR's combined ;)



and it better not be a surprise BOY in there.... It will have to wait until I search all over again if it is !!


Christie said...

My favorite is Kenzie but I also like Lakia, Nakita(although I think there was a weird movie with that name???) and Zahra. It's awesome that you give it a lot of thought, as it should be. Isn't it funny after all the thought you give it, it turns out to be the most perfect name for each one. :) Good Luck!

Calamity Cookie said...

Little Chef goes to school with an Amani. The brand is the first thing you think about but then you get used to it. I think it's cool now and she's a popular cute kid, so i like Amani.

Sars life said...

All expectant parents seem to have the same sort of debate over names but in the end you will will be able to find something that will suit and be every bit as lovely as your other girls names.

Our little family said...

Well, I am partial to Katie (of course, seeing as how I have one), and Eliza. I like Eliza as a first name, but again, we have an Elizabeth. :) If we get lucky like you, and have a fourth girl, she would most likely be Esther. :) From your list, my favorites would be Kenzie (I would probably do MacKenzie), Ariana, and Eden. Those would all go well with at least one of your middle names.

Our little family said...

Oh, and good luck! It took us a week to name Katie. If she hadn't had to stay in the NICU, she would have gone home without a name! We called them JUST before the deadline to tell them her name!

Bobbi & Noe said...

You are absolutely gorgeous!

It's so weird to see that winter header when it was 111 degrees here yesterday! I wanna join you!

Our little family said...

So, I'm the obnoxious multiple commenter today. :) I was going to suggest the name Emery, then I looked it up, and it's a boys name and it means home, work and power. So, not sure if you could handle that for your pretty little girl. :)

Karyn said...

Well one thing is certain! Your babys name will have 5 letters. Those in your list are mostly only 5 letters long, it seems you are closer than you thought. The 5 letter baby! My concern is...what if your little one just wants to blend in to the crowd? You know, the quiet and placid kind who is quietly spoken? Pleasantly content with everything. She will need a lovely normal name. Too bad if you are busily finding something 'different'. She may just want to be JANE!!!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

LOL Karyn... thats what the very normal middle names are for.. if you happen not to like your first name.. there is always the second one ;) The other girls have Elizabeth, Catherine and Anne... not too bad???

Delightful Domestic Science said...

I vote Mary Celeste.
Mary is such an unusual name for a baby girl so it'll fit with your other girls. And as you know am partial to Celest.

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