Monday, February 15, 2010

A Magic Day

Miss A finally decided that she wanted a Magic Birthday. My dad was a magician way back in the day (yes I was in a few tricks - disappearing/appearing girl. He stopped just before I got big enough for Cut the girl in half... dang) He's kept a box of tricks all these years, and offered to do some for the girls.

This year Miss A decided that is what she wanted. I am pretty laid back when it comes to parties, but I couldn't resist trying to find a few other easy things to go with the theme. They day went wonderful and was so easy, thought I would share.

Magic Wand Breadsticks

Just dip the ends of pretzels or thin breadstick biscuits in chocolate and roll in sprinkles

Star Dust Thank you Favours

I found these in the dessert section of the supermarket. You get 10 sachets in a box for around $3

Decorating Wooden Star Wands

We painted wands and sprinkled glitter all over

Top Hat Pinata

I made the pinata by doing a regular paper strips over a balloon. I bought 2 sheets of card and rolled one to make a cylinder, and cut a circle out of the other. I sticky taped together and then stuck the pinata balloon inside. It took the kids about 20 mins to break this sucker open - good way to take up time :)

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Maybe suited more to a Pirate party or similar, but hey magicians make coins disappear and have trunks full of tricks no?

A magical birthday.


Cowan Family said...

Cool ideas!! I particularly love how you can very stylish things so simply.

Fiona said...

I love the magic bread sticks!!

katy said...

what a cool bday party theme. totally love the cake. way to go, mom!!

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