Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What you mean we have to play? And use our brains? Not to sure about that!

I'm on the ball and I don't even know it.

Did you know it is TV Turnoff Week ?

Was reading some blogs and saw people mentioning it.

I know its Wednesday, but how about a NO TV Half week?

We are almost going on two weeks with No TV now.

This was a choice made by me (and the fact that The MR took the TV cable to the church so Conference could be watched - I asked him, not to put the cable back in - has worked a treat)

I have tried several times before - but this is the first time the kids have been on board.

I will say this has been some of the best weeks of my parenting life.

They have been happier to do their homework
They have played outside ALOT more
They each have a turn cooking dinner(even the 3 year old)
They have practiced piano more (not much more, but atleast more)
They are eating less food!
Funnily enough there also seems to be less mess to clean up.
More reading of books
They are listening more, not ignoring me whilst staring at the TV

Now I like TV, and I don't think it will be a forever ban. When they can learn to regulate their viewing and not just watch aimless hours in the afternoon, I will let it back.

It also makes them look forward to Friday Night Movie Night.

I wish I had done this years ago.  Well I did, but didn't see it through I suppose.

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Our little family said...

We don't have cable anymore, and they didn't watch too much TV before that, but our problem is video games. We have a Wii, and they each have a handheld Nintendo DS (no, I did NOT buy any of these, yes, Grandma spoils them too much). And they always want to play video games. We've had a lot of behavioral problems lately, and I've had to flat out ban video games during the week. It's more work on my part, because I get asked many times a day, but we have no video games or movies during the week. On Saturday they get maybe an hour, and that's it. Their attitudes have improved, and they're rediscovering that they DO, in fact, know how to entertain themselves!

And your free range post made me rethink some of the things I do. I think I'll start letting them cook once in awhile with no supervision, and look for ways to give them a little more freedom outside (there's really nowhere they can go by themselves without walking at least a mile on highways, and there's no public transport, so I'm not really holding them back so much as there's not really a lot of opportunities in our little neighborhood). I did start letting them walk home from piano lessons though (1 block), and they love it!

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