Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happiest Girls in the World

The bunks have come out again to play! The girls are very very happy!

Actually I hope they get a little less happy. They were buzzing for hours yesterday. They spent 5 hours playing in here. They took a while to get to sleep.

I have been rearranging furniture like crazy. I had hoped that two beds would fit under the bunk. I even measured it wrong. I thought it wouldn't work, so was trying other layouts. Then I thought, I'll just check...yeah ....jackpot. I moved four beds, 2 desks, and even put the bunks together by myself in just a few hours!

The girls had shared a room when we had students. Due to Miss N's birth we haven't had students for 10 months. We  split the girls - two in each room. Twin beds in each room flat on the floor on opposite sides.

Lately they have been begging for the bunks back. I have been begging for my bedroom back.

So we gave in and put three in a room again. Miss N gets to share with the study and sewing room.

I think they like it cause of the endless cubby opportunities

I like it cause there is plenty of room for me to snuggle up with them.


Delightful Domestic Science said...

Oh bunks are great! Recently I was toying with the idea of sleeping the girls in a double bed. It's a bit old fashioned and thought it would be cute while their still little. However I do believe Chad thought the idea was a bit odd.

Anonymous said...

My Sisters share a bed, and quite often there was 3 in a bed, when I got scared at night, nothing odd about that, and there is nothing wrong with me lol

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