Friday, October 8, 2010

Foody Friday - CaKePoPs

So last week I finally made some Cake Pops


Like 2 years after the fact.

I've been following bakerella for about that long and drooling over cake pops for just as long.

I just knew that they were beyond my capabilities... that and I never had any lollypop sticks.

My first batch of CakePops were utter fail.

Cracked balls that fell off the stick, chocolate all over my fingers, rubbed on my face in exasperation, messy kitchen, lollypop sticks that wouldn't stay in the styrofoam, A BIG FAT MESS!

However attempt number two went very well.  thankyouverymuch.

So my advice if your first lot of Pops don't work? Try Again.

I found this Video Tutorial by bakerella helpful. Lots of good hints there.

Friend and sister left me some advice after my fail.

Cracked balls = not enough cream cheese/icing mixture

Balls falling off sticks = Not in freezer for long enough

Chocolate Mess = Don't be cheap with the chocolate
(I only had one bag of chocolate and was trying to make it go further.)

Now, I know I will NEVER be able to make the themed/decorated balls that bakerella makes. I had enough trouble with plain pops covered in sprinkles!

However One cake makes a lot of balls. I love the novelty of them and they TASTE great!

When you get tired of using lollypop sticks.... make truffles in small paper liners.

These were ALOT easier than cakepops. I actually made more of these than pops. Pops are cute but are kinda hard to transport. I was making my pops for a girls night elsewhere and had to carry them. These are just cake balls dropped into chocolate that I used a spoon to scoop out. Place in paper liners. Drizzle some opposite colour chocolate on them for effect.

Now that I know how to make the elusive CakePOP, and make a lot of them. I may try again!

Just give me some time to recover.

Here is Bakerella's Basic Cake Pop Recipe
Using all the tips on her site and video tutorial this is what I did.

I cooked a packet mix cake. I did chocolate.

Crumb cake and mix in frosting. I used cream cheese and icing sugar mixed together. You can use icing, cream cheese, bought betty crocker icing, whatever you want.

Grab spoonfuls and roll into balls

Place balls in freezer for a while.

Dip lollypop stick in chocolate and insert into ball still on tray (so will be upside down)

Place balls (with sticks sticking out) back into freezer for a little while.

Melt chocolate into a small yet tall container. This will stop chocolate wastage and give you something you can dip the pops into. The pop should be totally inserted into the chocolate, so the chocolate needs to be quite deep.

Tap off excess chocolate, cover in sprinkles or like

 Let pop dry by inserting into  styrofoam or florist foam.

Then you enjoy xx


likeschocolate said...

Yours looked much better than mine! I guess it is spring there or almost summer. I almost said Happy Fall, but you have had Fall.

INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

Im glad you did them because I always want to but am scared!! :) Great job by the way, love the end result of 2nd attempt. Where did you get the sticks?

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