Thursday, October 7, 2010

Night Time Fun

(once again... doing nothing works)

Tonight as I was shutting the doors and getting ready for 'lockdown'
K and A ran outside with the lightsabers.

I internally groaned and asked them to come inside.

Then I decided, no, we should spend some time having fun outside in the dark.

I grabbed a dining chair and set it out on the footpath and proceeded to watch the girls in their PJ's run up and down the street playing secret agents and swashbuckling around with lightsabers.

N spent the whole time opening and closing the gate (opening and shuting doors is a favourite activity of hers)

Tonight was an accomplishment for me. Remember this post?

However I was able to do it because its been on my mind lately. The fact that I want to do more with my kids. More things away from tv, computers and the inside of the house. Out of the ordinary things. Fun things. Thinking outside the box things. Creating Memories things.

I often feel guilty when my neighbour takes my older girls for walks. She's always walking, riding, down to the river, taking the dog for a walk. She walks several times a day. And encourages my kids to go with her. The guilt I feel over not being a dog walking, running, bike riding, exercising athlete and not expecting my kids to do the same!

Her and her daughter often walk around the neighbourhood in the evenings around 8pm.

I really like the idea of it, but honestly I'm not gonna bundle up four kids to stroll around the block when they should be in bed. I really dont like it when I have desires that I wish I did, but in reality cant or wont. Because an evening stroll sounds like a wonderful thing.

However I live for bed time (the kids bedtime that is ;)

I'm glad that we might have started a little 'night time fun time' esp as the weather is warming up here.

Me playing with the sabers. Shame we don't celebrate Halloween. This is frightful!

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