Monday, November 22, 2010

When Daddy Comes Home

I love me holding N. And the plastic bag The Mr's holding? - His lunch :)
And our new TV is prominant in this picture. Oh oh.

I found this drawing in a pile of K's school stuff.

So cute my heart melted.

Shame it isnt 100% true.

Daddy doesn't come home to a welcome like this everyday.

But he should.

It reminded me of some photos we took while The Mr was away last month. Our family, but with Daddy's head via the computer. He was so lonely he bought us a camera and set up video teleconferencing for his second week away.

Family Home Evening was so fun via webcam

He even had to eat the treat via the camera. The girls placed the treat up close he had to pretend chomp on it for them. It was chaos and I spent the whole time laughing.

But I loved that they love to see their Dad so much.

On saturday The Mr decided to clear out his wardrobe. He threw most of it away (thank you)

*fingers crossed he now goes shopping to buy cooler replacements pretty please*

Then he decided to ask the girls if they wanted any of his old tshirts to use as PJ's.

so thankyouverymuch I've now had my girls getting around wearing dads oversized tshirts down to their ankles. G repeatedly asked where hers was. I had to pry it off to wash it.

Cute. Kinda. They do look like homeless street urchins.

But nothing's better than wearing your dads shirts.



likeschocolate said...

Yes, our daddy doesn't always get a welcome like this though he should. We like when he is around rather than away on a business trip. Hope you guys have a great week down under.

Felicity said...

I LOVE seeing pictures kids draw of their families!! So cute that your girls are 'flocking' to Ken as he walks in the door! and i must say kudos to your girl for the striking resemblence to Ken!!

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