Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kindness begins with me

A random act of Kindness I recieve often

The topic for Wordful Wednesday over at Chocolate on my Cranium this week is:

Random Acts of Kindness.

I HAD to contribute because just TODAY I had one!

Someone who had heard of the Inspiration I wanted for my daughters baptism refreshments rang me to see if they could drop something off tomorrow to be a part of it. This person is not coming to the baptism yet thought of me and my desires! She's also offering platters and cake stands.

At first I told her how sweet, but not to bother. I didn't want to put her out (she lives over an hour away) She doesn't need to be baking half the night for me. I felt guitly because I hadn't even thought to invite her to the baptism in the first place!  But the thought came

'you need to receive with kindness'

So I did and thanked her profusely for thinking of me. She told me that she had so many people help her for her daughters baptism she has always wanted to 'pass it on'

I have had many random acts of kindess shown me.

Last year while shopping with a tiny newborn in a sling a man saw me struggling to bend to the depths of my trolley whilst stopping the baby from wobbling about. He offered to put my groceries up on the checkout. I politely declined his offer to help saying I was fine, but thank you anyway.

I promise not even a few weeks later THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. (Maybe my baby looked like it was in danger?) I knew I was being taught something. To received service humbly. This time another man offered if he could put my groceries up for me and this time I said YES. Thank you!

I often like to think I am invincible lady who can do anything.  Receiving help can be hard sometimes. We often don't want to put people out or appear weak to other people.

I've had an ephiphany about all this.

I really do believe it is important that we accept help from others. It is of the utmost importance to receive help from strangers. IF we do not accept service from people we don't know the affect it could have on the world in general. IF people willingly accept help from others the feeling one gets from helping people is amazing. That person will know that feeling is GOOD. It is WORTHWHILE to help people. When we politely decline we have no idea how we are impacting that persons ability to offer help again. The world needs more people helping and looking out for one another. So often people hurry about with their heads down not looking to peoples needs around them. IF we can help ONE PERSON seem like they are making a small difference in the world it was WORTH IT to allow them to serve you.

We have been the recipient of many a 'pixie drop', 'knock and run'  type leaving goodies at the door (possibly because we live close to the church ;) I remember I had a status on facebook saying "Enjoying the most delicious random cookies that were dropped off at my door anonymously last night ... for breakfast"  An acquaintance couldn't believe I was eating something that I didnt know where it came from!  I said "oh its part of our church. Its a regular thing".  They wanted to know more about this church that leaves random cookies at your door :) Oh how I love being a recipient of that type of 'random act of kindness'

When my husband was YSA bishop I came home one day to a house  FULL of the Relief Society sisters cleaning my entire house to prepare it for a rent inspection. I was pregnant at the time and they had asked my husband what type of service they could do for me. I was horrified that he hadn't told me of this upcoming service. My house was mess. I was embarrassed. But it really ended up being so sweet. Many hands do make light work. It IS fun to work along side a team of others.

The sweetest act that often has my heart in my mouth is when my grandmother or mother try to slip me money descreetly. I love to try to attempt to give they money back to my grandmother. I slip it back to her and she gives it back. I tell her I don't need it, I only need her love and she tells me to 'humour an old lady and to please use it to buy   _______'  (usually a need I have at the time) Whilst it is true that money can't buy love I am amazed at the amount of times in our life that we have been the recipients of money. A female acquaintance payed for my groceries one time when we were losing our business. An elderly man gave us an evelope of money for christmas. My family always manage to be giving me money for something.

I feel so passionately about random acts of kindness. It reminds me that I need to do more.  One thing that I do enjoy about Facebook is the ability to see people's needs easier. They often state that they need something, or they state they are missing out on something, or they are sad, or they could do with babysitters etc. It really helps someone like me who is not so intuitive to be able to say "I CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT"

Its a sad thing when I am contemplating developing a talent of 'accepting help humbly from others' If only that was most of the worlds problem! To be humble enough to open their hearts to allowing other people in!

May we all have opportunities to extend and receive random acts of service xx


Carrie said...

Great post. My son has learned the spirit of random acts of kindness and always looks around the parking lot at the grocery store to see if there is anyone who he can serve by putting their cart back. I love how random acts of kindness are contagious!

JRoberts said...

This was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

It is indeed both a blessing to give AND receive service.

Judi said...

Thanks for the reminder to let others help. I often find myself declining help or not letting others know of my needs but then this can turn into resentment when I feel like I am overextended in my current situation.

I am so glad Cocoa did this topic this week. I am filled today with a renewed desire to serve and to graciously be served.

Montserrat said...

My mother has to constantly remind to let people help! It is a hard thing for me. :D But I am slowly learning.

kjha said...

Such a sweet post...brought tears to my eyes... maybe because I can relate!

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