Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will you ever...

Oh we're Happy... so Happy :)

Today I was on the phone to my mum going on about my budget woes.

She said to me

Are you EVER going to be Happy?

I was shocked because I believe I am known as a really happy person.

I once told a group of school mums I was worried about Anxiety that ran in our family. They said "IF YOU are  an anxious person then we are certifiably crazy and popping pills to send us to la la land"

I took it as a compliment (or was it a backhanded 'you're too relaxed' passive agressive statement?)

I told her .. well I only ever complain to ... YOU!

I'm still thinking of it hours later... am I not happy? Am I a complainer? Annoying?

Surely my only downside is too much talking.
So I need to stop. But I don't know how. The stuff just spews forth.

To be fair to my mum I believe she was asking:

Are you ever going to be happy ...enough so I will be relieved of my mothering instincts of having to provide for you. For both her and my grandmother have been able to give me and the kids things we have needed when I have not been able to.  She was also questioning for me 'will things ever go your way? There's always something that happens to upset the apple cart.'

I'd like to believe for a couple who have suffered years of student living, underemployment, unemployment, the loss of a business, back to underemployment we are doing incredibly well. It is only through  hard work  that we are in zero debt,  with substantial house deposit savings.

Am I happy?

I hope so.

I don't have much to be unhappy about.

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Delightful Domestic Science said...

Great post.

Here is where I get preachy.

Happiness and contentment is a minute by minute choice.
It's seeing the glass half full and rejoicing.
All that we have comes from HF and we should show gratitude for it.
I'm sure you are grateful.

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