Thursday, March 10, 2011

Couch Apologies....

A clean couch - I work hard for the money.

The post wherein I apologise to anyone whose ever sat on my couch?

Before Miss N was born I knew my couch was pretty bleck.

The plan was to get it professionally steam cleaned before she came along.

Grandma even offered to pay for it. How kind.

Especially when you know you're pretty much gonna be glued to that couch 24/7 once the baby arrives. Fresh, clean upholstery bliss is needed.

Except I never got it done.

Did I tell you I'm terrible at ringing/making appointments with places?
Ringing places like banks, phone company, electricity company makes me shudder.

Well I've been spying the hire dry cleaner at woolworths lately while grocery shopping and thought that's what we need. Except there is no room in the boot when I do my shopping.  I'm pretty much a fan of - If I can do it, then I shouldn't pay someone else to do it. Which is why I go without so much stuff. I KNOW that I can cut hair, sew, decorate, make my own _____ , cook, etc etc But sometimes I DON'T = Why I go without because I still can't justify paying someone else to do it.

The Mr saved the day and picked up that machine for me.

 Taking a before photo, the flash really showed up the dirt! It looked so bad!

And this is what came out of the couch.

Feel sick?

4+ containers of water this colour came out of our couch and 2 recliners

Note for anyone else who wants to do the same (ie you Katrina :) -We got the three hour hire. I would suggest the 24 hour hire. When the couch was wet it looked very very clean. After it dried however some spots still look dirty. So hire the cleaner for 24 hours so you can have a few goes at the couch and you can see the places that need extra work after it's dried.

After the machine went back I thought, I could have done the girls mattresses etc. Oh the list goes on and on! 24 hour would have been much better. I barely got the couch done in time for the 3 hour hire. It hurts your back and I had to rest a few times and of course the children all HAD to have a go using the noisy fandangled machine.

To be fair this couch has been very loved, is 6 years old, seen its fair share of spills, baby vomit, played on, jumped on, laid on. Very abused loved.

This post by NieNie yesterday made me smile. I can have a nice couch in a few years time.

For now the couch is A place of play. A place of family life. A place of imagination. A place to rest. A place for comfort. A place we lean on to kneel in prayer. A place to read. A place to watch movies  as a family. A place where we belong together. Even if it seems we are dirty...

And now it's clean! Hallelujah.

Let the games begin again.

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Calamity Cookie said...

And i'm sure your couch smells lovely aswell!

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