Friday, March 11, 2011

From the Archives Friday - Redo and Crazy Hair

It's been about a year since we did this

Last week I saw similar on Color me Katie and remembered when we did the same.

I had bought Miss K some super cute Pikachu post it notes at a local asian cutesy store for her birthday and I knew they would be perfect to leave around the neighbourhood.

Also a fun activity for the girls to do with a friend on a friday afternoon.

I gave them the camera and let them go at it.

I hope they brighten someones day

(And not just destroy the environment - which I worry about :) or teach my kids to be vandals, which I also worry about :)  Hopefully the good feelings from sharing love will prevail.)

You are Loved

On an unrelated sidenote it was crazy hair day at school to raise money for cancer.
They had to pay $1 for each streak of coloured hairspray.
This is how they left for school.

Hopefully not channelling Amy Winehouse. Another thing I worry about :)

Funnily enough these looks were not hard to manage for my girls ;)

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