Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Week - Hot Cross Buns

So I ate my first Hot Cross Bun of the Season today! 

Which is kinda sad because by Monday they won't be in the stores anymore.

But I'm kinda proud of myself. I usually wait for Easter to eat them. Eggs too (chocolate variety).

People always seem to forget to buy the 'Easter Bunny' some eggs.
Looks like she should start buying her own ;)
But I digress.

For the past few years I've tried to make sure we make Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday.
Most years we succeed.
A good way to remember that Jesus died for us.

Today's were delish and eaten straight out of the oven. They almost tasted like shop ones.

But the one I ate a couple of hours later didn't. Definately heavier and homemade tasting.

Oh well. So if you make some. Best eaten immediately

I used  this recipe from

Double Kneaded with love xx

1 comment:

lissyal said...

Weren't they yummy! We used the same recipe except they forgot the glaze. Oops we scoffed them all day with heart attack amounts of butter. The kids even had them for dinner. And we made the soft pretzels yesterday. YUMMO! Lots of cinnamon sugar. We've got some new Easter traditions, thanks to you!

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