Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Roundup

Last friday the girls were saying 'It's four days till Easter!!'

We said 'It's already Easter!'

They meant four days till their favourite Easter Tradition.

This is the ONE tradition we have as a family that has been going for a LONG time!

About 20 years or so!!

The girls were saying this is N's second time. This is my 10th time. This is your 8th time.
 Like it was some badge of honour.

Well girls, I win!

Every year we have a big breakfast and Egg Hunt by the Dam. The kids LOVE IT.

I love that they love it. And its so easy. They pretty much entertain themselves.

For the first time they 'packed' the plastic easter eggs. It's usually done for them and they don't see them till they are hunting for them. But they really enjoyed this. Might make them 'work for their chocolate' every year!


As predicted the pinata broke in the exact place I said it would.  The handle.
This then left us with a five layer tough as glue basket.
This is the kids stabbing it with sticks :D Lord of the flies anyone?

 This is awesome Uncle about to rip it open and send it flying into the air
for all the contents to fly out for effect, since it broke.

and that means it's the end of Easter xx

Some other photos from easter

Saturday Morning Easter Baskets (see the hands about to madly grab them)
We choose Saturday so we can keep Sunday focused on the spiritual.

 Yummy Bunny Cake made by Grandma for our other Easter Party.

The rest of our weekend was very quiet. We stayed home.
And the Mr kindly played a 5 hour game of Monopoly with the girls.

It's been a fantastic first week of holidays so far.

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