Thursday, May 5, 2011


perhaps taking countless frivolous self portraits will be my achievement?

I got a bunch of design magazines out of the library this week.

Why is it that I love interior design (once upon a time many moons ago I was going to study it at university) yet my own house is horrible, and I don't exhibit one ounce of creative flair in my own home?

Why is it that I love photography (It too was a potential thing to study at university) yet I don't own a nice camera or have the desire to want to photograph other people for a job ( performance anxiety - I couldn't stand the rejection/tenseness over people not liking their photos)

Why is it that I have read nearly every travel memoir book in our entire local library, love national geographic/stories about other countries,  constantly dream of far flung places yet have only ever been to the United States (and Taiwan very briefly) and am not planning any trips away any time soon?

It has come to my attention that I am one of THOSE people

You know,  those armchair people.

Think they know it all from a distance yet never put themselves out there to achieve it.

I don't know why this is.

I know I have the brains and ability to work hard to make dreams come true, but I don't.

Maybe all of my energies at the moment are focused to the "proper care and feeding of children (and Mr)" yet most days I feel I fail at even that. Maybe I'm a tad too comfortable in my easy little bubble here. Maybe I feel bound by my lack of personal income. Maybe I've put everyone else before me.

Maybe I just need to invest in a comfortable Laz -E- boy

So I can be even better at it.

I about died when I read an article in the home/design magazine about a guy whose job it is to travel the world securing interesting pieces for a homewares store. Example someone comes in asking about Turkish glass chandeliers and its HIS JOB to travel there and browse around to find things for customers. *Um raises hand* Can I have his job PLEASE??

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Jan said...

I have never heard that expression before! Armchair.. but it makes perfect sense. I do not see you in that catagory though, but do get the lazy boy :)

Cute picture and take it on with the magazines.

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