Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Preparing my mothers day breakfast of fruit salad and toast

Blogger was not kind to me on Sunday and Monday (when I wanted to post a cute little mothers day video) I almost feel like Mothers day was so long ago that this is pointless but hey oh well. So you'll have to imagine a cute video of G singing 'happy mothers day, happy mothers day, happy mothers day' over and over again and with me with my early morning croaky man voice (when don't I have early morning croaky man voice? - I'll go with Husky? Sultry? Low and sexy? ha ha ha hah)

In the car on the way home from visiting Grandma's for mothers day the girls were asking Daddy. Who do you like best, Your mum or Mum's mum? (he likes both but loves his mum a little more because well she is his mum) This lead to a discussion on loving yet not (always) liking people and liking yet not loving some people. this lead to

Do you like mum or do you love her?
Then someone yells out
I like mcdonalds.

So there you go. They like Mcdonalds and they like me (hopefully)

1 comment:

Montserrat said...

Several weeks ago my son surprised me by saying, "Mom I don't like you." What?!!! I almost started to reply then he followed it with, "I love, love, love you!"


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