Friday, June 24, 2011

Winter Holiday Inspiration

oh its that time again.


(did I just groan?)

What I know to be true is that holiday time goes much more swiftly and nicely when I am prepared.

Why is this even a shock?

However with budget constraints holidays are not a time to give in to my girls every dreams and desires of movies, themeparks, insert anything that costs a bajillion dollars for a family of 6.

I just hate that prepared seems to = lots of money.

So I'm trying to devise a list of things to do at home - you know STAYCATION?
I like the tick box idea in the photo above. Or if I keep the list to myself then I can change what we are doing each day depending on how I'M feeling (it's all about me isnt it??)

So some ideas to keep us from killing eachother on the holidays

:: Make several batches of playdough
I'm thinking this rainforest idea , or this volcano/dino idea or this mermaid one

:: Paint hunks of wood leftover from our bikeracks and make blocks
how about these city scape ones?

::Play Forts using this technique (smart hey?)

:: Winter crafts - snowflakes, snowmen,

::visits to the park

:: have another crack at making a  Play Tree house (this one is so awesome and just hot glue gunned!)

:: Learn to Knit (who wants to teach my girls?)

:: Make an outdoor firepit and roast some marshmallows

:: Open Ended PaddlePop stick sculpture

:: Fly our kite

:: Make potions for our jar collection (fairy potion, life potion, magic potion.. the list is endless)

:: Go to movies

:: Iceskating

:: Science experiments

::Visit confectionary warehouse to buy a box of lollies for the girls to sell (their first job?!!)

:: Aluminium foil river

:: Cardboard Box Doll Houses

Here are a few activities from my archieves we might try again.

:: Make an Ice Wreath

:: Spray Bottle Painting

:: Homemade Marshmallows

:: Shadow Puppets

:: Awesome Newspaper Dome

I've had such a busy week this week that for last few days I have actually been looking forward with hope to the holidays. Let's pray I don't change my mind by Tuesday :)

Enjoy.. and tell me your holiday ideas...

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