Friday, July 15, 2011


More sewing with K.

Now, not a lesson persay, but more a child led

'I wanna sew some gloves....'

So I have no tutorial or the like for you.

Basically it started with an outline of her hands on some polar fleece materal and she wanted to sew some gloves. I think after we cut it out she realised how hard it would be to sew around all those fingers, so I suggested how about mittens?

So with a basic trace of her hand and thumb she was able, with a little help, to sew the curved lines of some mittens

(she needed me near by to remind her to sew slowly and to stop and lift the foot and shift the direction of the mitten to obtain the curve shape)

Once she was done though I thought this was a simple sewing exercise I could share with those who also want to teach their children to sew.

Except now all her sisters and friends at school want a pair :/

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