Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Ekka To Ekka (about my 30th time!)

The day ended the same as most years...

A fervent vow of "I'm never going to the Ekka AGAIN!"

too expensive, too loud, too dirty, too long, too crowded, too everything..
perhaps it was because we ended the day with a lost grandfather whom we couldn't find hoping that he had two kids with him, cause we knew they weren't with us! A little bit of fear running through the veins when at 9:00pm you've lost half your family and have no way to contact them and have been running in circles for half an hour looking for them. (they were found waiting for us at the car)

But we all know next year when the winds change and the weather (sometimes) gets a little warmer, we'll once again tackle the mountain that is taking four kids to the EKKA! (Oh help me!)

Perhaps instead of just nikkoing my mobile number onto the inner arm of the children I'll have to do one for the grandparents instead. You never know who you might lose. The kids didn't get lost once!

I frequently remind my girls that they are extremely blessed to be able to go to the Ekka each year. It is only because they are kindly funded by their great grandmother, grandmother (and granddad), their parents and their own moneyboxes and even our elderly neighbour  that we could ever fathom taking four kids to the Ekka.

So once again we faced down THE EKKA

I've been (and the kids) every year of my life bar two when I had babies born around this time of year.

I think we are officially Carnie Lovers for life or something.

Perhaps its nostalgia, perhaps its the awe on a childs face, perhaps it is city meets country, perhaps its just in our veins. I can't think of many other reasons why we would torture ourselves so. Perhaps it is just tradition. A tradition that we love. A tradition we look forward to. A gift to the child in all of us. I don't think the kids would ever allow us 'not to go'.

We achieved all the important items below:
Eating of Dagwood Dog
Ride on the Ferris Wheel (with just one kid!!)
Getting of crazy funky wigs
Consuming of Strawberry Sundae Icecream Cone
Showbags Got
Fairy Floss
Holding baby Chickens
Patting all the baby animals
Obtaining of Whoppee Cushions
Getting the best deal of the fair - $20 bag that included a RipStick! bargain!

The kids were actually pretty good, but the constant comings and goings of four little ones all needing different things is very taxing. The questions, the whining, the spills, the tears, the tired legs always makes me think IS IT WORTH IT?

and yet when I had one baby snuggled in a blanket on my lap with wide eyes, one five year old tucked right in my side with her mouth open agape both mesmerised and SILENT! watching with awe the fireworks my heart swelled and ofcourse I knew it was worth it.

It also happened earlier in the day when myself and two of the girls were able to see a baby lamb be born. It was almost a spiritual moment shared between us all. The sighs and gasps of the crowd each building on the last. A simmering pressure of love and emotion as we all egged that sheep on. The women in the crowd were sympathising with that sheep, you could FEEL it in the air! With each push deep breaths were drawn in all around us. When it seemed one step forward two steps back we all sighed. But cheer we did when that lamb finally came out! OH the relief! I was so happy to be able to share that moment with them and they thought it was amazing. When the little lamb pushed the goo off its face and breathed for the first time we were in love. The wonderful job of nature reminding us how precious and what a joy life is.

Till next year my friend Ekka...

though I really think its a love hate relationship

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Anonymous said...

I had never heard of such a thing! I had to google it to see what it was. I gather it is like a county or state fair in the U.S.? Thanks for sharing.

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