Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to build a Tardis

I know this is a very important and wanted piece of information.

Every house needs a Tardis right?

How to make a Tardis decoration for a party of just for fun.

What you need:

:: Find some large cardboard. We used some flat packing from a set of bunks we bought and a bicycle. Keep your cardboard from any purchases, or beg, steal borrow from elsewhere.

:: We were lucky to have procured a projector. This makes the job much easier!

:: Blue, black and White paint.

From your laptop project a picture of the Tardis from Online. like this

{Learn from our mistake and PAINT your cardboard first!!}

From our pictures you will see that we traced the projection on two separate pieces of cardboard, then spray painted, then went over the lines with black paint. Will be much quicker if you spray the board, then trace projection.

We then printed out the details and glued the paper on {The Police Box sign and the instructions sign}

Cut around edges and attach to your front door.

We made ours into FOUR pieces.

We attached the top piece above our front door.
We attached the main/doors piece directly to our front door
We attached two strips to the sides of our front door for the edges of the police box

Now you have a fun entry way for your party.

all thats left is to make lots of jokes about your tardis being {bigger on the inside}


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Brilliant!!!! I wouldn't want to take it down :)

Anonymous said...

Can't say as I've ever wanted one but good to know how just in case.

Wilson Family said...


Wilson Family said...

SO MUCH WORK! You're AWESOME. Miss ya!

Wilson Family said...


Barbara's Brainwaves said...

I am impressed beyond words - simply stunning!

Barbara's Brainwaves said...

I am blown away - such a beautiful job!

Lisha said...

That is a very cool tardis, my boys would love that.

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