Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling Blue {the good type}

{not edited in anyway. Randomly chosen from photos taken this past month}

Blue skies.

Blue Blue skies.

I {LOVE} this time of year.

Cool Crisp mornings.

Warm sunny days.

Have barely seen a cloud in about 2 months.

It's delicious isn't it?

I feel pretty lucky to live in a place with such wonderful weather.

In fact it makes me feel bad that I don't attempt to get out in it more.

This past couple weeks I've made a greater effort to take Miss N to the park, to eat icecream by the cliffs, to play badminton after school in the street {what a mothers day present, to sit and read on the deck, laying in the grass, biking everywhere.

Outside is where its at!

Soon I will be cold.

So its good to remember how perfect it is.

Then I will longingly wait till my next favourite time of year. September - November.


You can't always have it in all aspects of life. So its nice to have even in small simple doses.

{I wrote this earlier in the week and now after publishing.. the clouds are a coming! lol}

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hang on to those blue sky days

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