Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fires, scarves, rice pudding

First Fire of the season is starting to become a little special tradition.
{see here and here too}

We collect the wood, make sure we have marshmallows, choose a good night, dim the lights and lay/sit on the ground and move the couches around.
{we did it as part of Family Home Evening this year}

All to remind ourselves that yes! we love this!
and to remember to try and do it more often throughout winter. More! More!

{A good reminder on being organized. No good wishing for fire and wood/kindling at night when you haven't collected it during the day!}

This year I am determined to make our fireplace actually radiate some heat. The lovely thing is pretty much for appearances only and does not actually heat our house in any form. I am determined to change that! I've researched and have a few ideas on how to make a 'gaping hole in the house' actually heat.  I thought I had come up with a temporary solution to cover part of the hole. It seemed to be working but alas smoke was filling the house. The fire alarms just wouldn't quit! We had to open all the doors and windows and run a fan to get them to turn off.

Negative result in attempting to heat my house with wood!!

Fireplace 1.....  Me 0

And four day later after being shut tight, the house has a hint of lovely burnt smoke smell.

But I'm going to keep trying
{well I will keep telling The Mr what he has to do to get us some heat!}

I also made my first baked Rice Pudding with success. Yummy and Easy and a little different from how I usually make it {rice pudding is an easy snack, dinner, dessert, winter warmer etc in our house}

I've also begun in earnest my scarf obsession. Think I've worn one atleast 4 times this last week. I've been wearing them for weeks now. Love Scarfs. Love that it will be cool enough to wear one all day soon, instead of just when I'm cold riding our bikes to school, or in the shade. I have to take it off too much during the day still when it warms up. I've been experimenting with different tying styles. Wore a regular scarf tied into a circle scarf last night to a birthday party and recieved lots of compliments.  My favourite youtube scarf tutorial - lots of ideas and so good!

Some of my favourites

the fake knot
the european loop

the figure 8
the french knot

I just rewatched that youtube video.
I think it is a must that I try the bunny ears, the magic trick, waterfall, X, keytie, hidden knot!

Enjoy the cooler weather!

{though I think its been quiet hot this week!}... its coming. The cool is coming!


Unknown said...

you are lucky to have a fireplace, my kids would love one.

Anonymous said...

Where are you, This Girl Loves to Talk? We haven't heard from you in almost two weeks, and I am worried about you. Is everything alright? I miss you and hearing about your life.

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