Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I think we participated in perhaps our last swim of the season? It's always nice to have a last goodbye to the lingering summer.  I'm unsure of saying that though because when you live in a temperate (sometimes crazy hot) climate you just never know! But the weather is turning chillier... so I'm safe to think it was our last..... I think ....... we shall see.

I went out to this restaurant for my brothers birthday. Haven't had a 'just siblings' date in  a looong time. I moved out of home (got married) when my siblings were all still young and fun. I sometimes feel like I missed growing up as teenagers with them (my youngest brother was only 10 when I left!). It's always fun to get together. I tried really hard not to order the creme brulee. I know that's what I want. But then I think of all those other desserts missing out. I think of how I could be missing another good dessert from my lack of experimentation at restaurants. How it would be great to be adventurous and not boring in menu decisions. But we all know how fail that turns out!?! {why?} The churro's with caramel dipping sauce were good, but after the last two visit of trying not to order creme brulee.. I think it's time...next time I will!

I wore my snazzy earrings. For my birthday my sister got me these lovely expensive earrings. I put them aside for special and promptly forgot about them. We all know how rarely special comes along.... My birthday was in January! Well that was long enough a wait. So the earrings were bought out for the special occasion of wearing my 80's bling sweater to church and teaching the Young womens. Bringing a touch of class to my everyday. Thank you for making me smile dear sister!

We made a last minute trip to the country to stay with and annoy some lovely friends of ours. Love their home, the views, their hospitatlity, the warmth and love that comes from them.  I love when you can visit another family with 5 children and each child has another to play with whom they enjoy being with and are well behaved. Who would have thought there were 9 kids in the house {barring food time ;} Visits like that remind me how I want to be, how I want my family to be, how I want to warmly embrace each individual who visits my home and hope that they feel as welcome as I do at my friends places. It truly is a wonderful feeling to feel welcomed, at home and relaxed in another's space. To me this is one of life's greatest blessings.

The Mr made the best homemade custard on the weekend. All sweet and smooth. So good I ate it cold for breakfast the next day. Two days later I was still thinking about it and decided to try and make some more. His tasted better. But I shall have to wait for him to come back from jail to make some more {He's working in a high and low security prison for a week! yikes}

Love the weekend.

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