Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family Photos

I received the most wonderful gift on Mothers Day

a CD of our family photos we had taken

{and lets not forget the lindt chocolates, $20 target voucher, hairbrush, magnifying mirror (to look at my wrinkles), and worlds sweetest mum mug from the darling childrens.}

Thanks be to my wonderful sister in law and photographer Elizabeth Hawthorne.
Find her here on  facebook or here via Photoplan

Thanks to my sister for my wonderful make up

Thanks to Emma at Nest Hairdressing for cute hair.

Without them photos would never have worked out.

Photos are important to me and I try to take quiet a few.
Of course mine are nowhere near as gorgeous as professional ones.
We were very blessed to be able to get some.

It was a struggle to get a good photo of our family considering a little one who is camera shy and likes to hide behind her hands and lick her fingers and not look at a camera and run away and not sit still for long periods of time smiling preferring to chuck a sulk. It's hard to get everyone looking straight at the same time. Photos can be a bit of work, but you'll always be grateful you did it.

Ready for photo overload :)




Photo shoot tips:

Do have other adults around to round up the kids, keep them smiling, someone to look at, someone to babysit while you have photos with your significant other, just a plain extra set of hands.

Do try for a colour story. Not matching clothes but matching tones, or a colour to tie it all together (think red shoes on one, a red hairbow on another, a bit of red in dad's tie etc)
I may have had to make several trips to several different stores to gather ours but I'm glad I did!

Best light is at the end of the day. Make sure you have your 'poses' written in a list so you can accomplish it all in the short amount of time before the sun sets. {with as big a group as ours we ran out of time. I'm making a list for our next shoot - kids in trees, wrestling with dad etc}

Bribery? Ours were rewarded with a play in the park after they had their photos. Not sure if it worked, but we got managed some good photos.

JUST DO IT! Don't wait for kids to behave, you to lose weight etc. I was talking about our upcoming shoot and a mum said to me she had NO photos of her with her kids as she was single parent, wanted to lose weight, no money etc. The kids will be gone and grown before we know it!

Can't afford a professional? Ask a friend, do a swap with another family, find a student or beginner.

Love your photos. I get really uptight because there is ALWAYS someone not looking right, eyes closed, flashing, wrinkly clothes, frowns, picking their nose etc. It's funny how strangers and others say how beautiful the photos are, yet we are our own worst critics. Love the photos even if the people in it are flawed.

Expect to see these photos ALOT on the blog :) They're just sooo purty!!

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Mara Kofoed said...

What a beautiful family. You all look so happy. And I just LOVE that necklace you're striking with your red dress!

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